MotivIT BPO Approach

MotivIT BPO Approach

Fueled by innovative strategies and a dedicated team, we customize solutions to match your unique goals.

Our approach is transparent and efficiency-focused, representing a commitment to your success by ensuring growth and cost savings.

How MotivIT Does BPO

Our process is designed to smoothly integrate with your current setup, outsourcing business processes can effectively scale your business and reduce operational costs significantly. We understand your unique needs both for the present and the future. At MotivIT, your business will thrive as your aspirations become our mission.

Below are the simple steps of our outsourcing process:

1. Consultation

For this phase, we thoroughly analyze your job description to comprehend the desired skills and experiences in a candidate. This allows us to tailor our approach to precisely meet your unique needs. Understanding your business is of utmost importance in our process.

2. Proposal

Your need for an efficient and skilled team is our priority. Our detailed proposal for teams in the Philippines will be delivered within a week after receiving the requirements. Once approved, the onboarding starts promptly, and fill the positions needed within 30 days.

3. Set the Tone

We need to establish a clear line of communication with you as our partner. This allows us to have clear expectations and accurate service delivery. During this phase, we make sure that we’re on the same page – to achieve your business goals.

4. Test the Waters

Outsourcing services may be tough at some point, as inevitably, you only want the best services to support your business. Before you sign up with MotivIT, we can set up a free trial call so you can speak directly with your chosen agents and verify if you’re a perfect match.

5. Train

We provide agents that have been trained in providing various business services with our best practices. Our agents can also be trained to use your system as if they were your own staff. And because our agents are comprehensive in the English language they can assertively communicate with you and your customers without any cultural barrier.

6. Security

Outsourcing services also come with the issue of security and privacy. As your provider, we do not take this issue lightly. In fact, with our experience as a leading Managed Service Provider, MotivIT is uniquely qualified to help you ensure that your outsourcing arrangements are not only efficient but secure. We make sure to leverage our deep knowledge in security protocols to secure your information assets.

7. Team Starts

The execution phase involves the official launching and service is brought to the best condition according to the actual development situation and the client’s requirements. Our team starts working remotely for your company. Work is performed from our office in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Our team is available 24/7/365 to offer customer support.

8. We Listen

We go beyond simply executing your processes. Our focus is on continuous improvement. We constantly follow-up with your outsourcing team if the services are delivered smoothly or if a quick action is needed to address any issues. As your provider, we’re always ready to listen to your needs. Appropriately, we make sure that our Service Level Agreement are strictly followed to meet your standards. Throughout our partnership, you'll have a dedicated Client Success Manager to act as a seamless go-between for effective communication and collaboration.

9. Scale

After experiencing the extensive benefits our company provides, feel free to reach out to us to explore how we can elevate your business to the next level and discuss other positions available for outsourcing. Whether you require additional personnel or simply wish to explore our capabilities, we prioritize listening and understanding your needs before devising a tailored solution.